Coleen Garcia shares son Amari gives new meaning to ‘stop and smell the roses’  


Coleen Garcia gushed over her son Amari’s new fascination.  

The celebrity mom couldn’t help but share how her and her hubby Billy Crawford’s baby boy gave a new meaning to the saying “stop and smell the roses.” 

“One of Amari’s favorite things in the world: flowers! I don’t know why, but he is obsessed with them. They’re his comfort item, and sometimes his cause of distress if we’re not able to stop and pick them,” she shared.  

Coleen shared Amari’s fondness for flowers can stop or start tantrums so she is always prepared with tiny flowers.  

She said: “I always have baon na tiny fake flowers in my bag to calm him down or distract him whenever he’s in a bad mood, and it works 99% of the time. He gives a new meaning to ‘stop and smell the roses.’” 

On her Instagram post, the actress shared the stunning snaps of her and Amari picking flowers while they were out and about in France.  

The Crawford family is currently in Paris to support Billy as he competes in France’s version of Dancing with the Stars.  

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