Markus Paterson reveals his type of woman: ‘Morena with island girl vibe’


Markus Paterson was upfront with his preference in women during another episode of Boys After Dark.  

The actor and his co-hosts spoke about their experiences in love such as their “firsts” and the ones who got away. 

When asked about his first love, Markus opened up on his three-year-long “high school love” which ended when he moved to the Philippines.  

As they talked about his former flame in England, he also revealed he’s more interested in morena women.  

“Type ko kasi talaga yung morena na island girl yung vibe,” he shared.  

The celebrity dad also shared his sentiments on how the concept of TOTGAs or “the ones that got away” is nonsense.  

He explained: “At the end of the day, if she got away then she wasn’t the one. You would have fought to the ends of your capability to keep her in your life. There’s no ‘one’ for anyone.  

“If you wanna find happiness in life, you have to experience different relationships, different people, different ways of life, different cultures to find out what you really want in life.” 

In the same video, the 24-year-old clarified his past statement on his disdain for dating someone in the showbiz industry.  

“I respect my exes. I know that kanina pa ako nagsasabi na I will never date someone in this industry and I stick by that. I never will. It’s not because they’re horrible people. At the end of the day, as soon as you love or fell in love with someone, they deserve your utmost respect,” he said.  

Markus recently made headlines when he spoke about his sentiments on dating and relationships during the pilot episode of Rise Artist Studio’s Youtube show.  

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