‘My parents raised me right’: Markus Paterson denies hitting any woman


Amid controversies over his relationship with ex Janella Salvador, Markus Paterson has made it clear that he has never hit a woman in his life.  

The actor took to social media to deny the rumors, claiming he saw posts regarding the matter.  

“Saw some tweets circulating. FACT: I have NEVER and WILL never lay my hands on a woman. My parents raised me right. I’ll address the rest on the podcast,” he wrote on a Twitter post.  

Markus reiterated his statement as he posted the same tweet on his Instagram stories on Monday.  

The 24-year-old recently made headlines when some netizens found his comments as “off” in a YouTube video for Rise Artists Studio.  

In the video, one of his statements was the lesson he learned from his relationships.  

He said: “Kung may lessons akong natutunan sa relationships ko is never to f**king date someone in the industry. Wag niyo i-cut yan, seryoso ako diyan,” he said.  

Over the weekend, Janella ended speculations about their relationship status when she described herself as a “single mom” during an interview with broadcast journalist Bernadette Sembrano.  


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