‘Nag-aaral naman ako’: Ella Cruz explains her ‘history is like tsismis’ remark


Actress Ella Cruz has spoken up following her “History is like tsismis” remark which trended and drew flak on social media. 

On July 10, VinCentiments posted a video on YouTube titled, “HISTORY IS LIKE CHISMIS” directed by Darryl Yap, starring Sen. Imee Marcos and actress Ella Cruz. 

Trumending ka ah,” Sen. Imee said to which Ella asked her, “Sen, mali po ba yung sinabi ko na ‘History is like tsismis?’”

In the four-minute video, Sen. Imee and Ella talked about the actress’ statement in an interview released last July 2 that brought attention and got mixed reactions from netizens.

“‘Di ko naman sinabi na history is tsismis. Tapos, dyan na lang sila nag focus, hindi na sa paliwanag,” the actress added. 

Sen. Imee said that she watched Ella’s interview and that Ella was asked as a student and as an actress, and that she did not answer the question as a historian. 

Isa pa, hindi ko naman sinabi na matalino ako, ‘di rin naman ako nagmamagaling. Pero, Sen, nagbabasa naman ako, ‘no. Nag aaral naman ako,” Ella said. 

“At totoo naman na ang kasaysayan ay tsismis na napatunayan dahil sa ebidensya at sa research,” Ella continued.

Sen. Imee even remarked, “History is tsismis with methodology, analysis, and proof.”

Ella went on by saying that “history is opinionated” and you cannot be a historian if you do not know how to interpret.

“One cannot be a historian without being opinionated,” Sen. Imee said. 

The two also started quoting famous authors and philosophers as well. Ella even quoted famous author Oscar Wilde, “Sabi nga ni Oscar Wilde, ‘History is merely gossip.’” 

To which Sen. Imee replied by quoting renowned philosopher Elbert Hubbard, “Sabi rin ni Elbert Hubbard, history is gossip well told.”

Sen. Imee also stated that “history is like tsismis, mananatiling tsismis hangga’t hindi napapatunayan.”

Because of Ella’s controversial remark about history, several Filipino historians have also reacted and expressed their sentiments regarding her statement.