‘I lost a partner in life’: Janella Salvador mourns death of pet dog


Janella Salvador recently opened up on how she’s taking her pet dog Max’s death. 

The actress took to social media to grieve the passing of her beloved fur friend, who was supposed to “grow old” with her son Jude. 

“These past few days have been some of the hardest in my 24 years of existence. To some I might sound dramatic but I feel like there’s now a big hole in my chest; that I now lock a part of me. 

“It’s probably because I feel like i didn’t just lose a pet – I lost a partner in life,” she wrote. 

Janella looked back on the time she moved out of her home at the age of 19, she didn’t have anything but her dog Max. 

“I’ve been beating myself up over the fact that I wasn’t able to hold your paw during your last few moments… but I was told that you were smiling through the pain. 

“You were a happy boy until the very end. THE GOODEST BOI EVER. I will always hold on the the fact that you were the only pup I wanted from the litter and you were also the first one to run to me,” she said. 

In her social media post, she featured Max’s best times and her final moments with him. 

Janella’s mom, Janine Desiderio also took to Instagram to thank their pet Max for giving them 4-5 years of unconditional love. 

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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