Ruffa Gutierrez takes trip down memory lane on 48th birthday


Ruffa Gutierrez decided to look back on the past on her 48th birthday. 

On her special day, the actress shared a throwback photo of her and her two daughters Lorin and Venice from 15 years ago. 

“Posting a throwback photo of us because so much has happened in our lives since this photo was taken in 2007,” she wrote. 

Ruffa added there were “countless up and downs, heartaches and breakthroughs, failures and triumphs”. 

“Today, on my special day, I cannot be more thankful to be alive, happy, and healthy,” she said. 

It was back in 2007 when Ruffa and her Turkish husband Yilmaz Bektas separated. Five years later, their marriage was annulled. 

Ruffa’s and her daughters made headlines after 

Ruffa’s daughters made headlines after their big reunion with their estranged father in Turkey. 

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