Lorin Gutierrez shares makeup tutorial with hilarious voiceover of lola Annabelle Rama


Lorin Gutierrez and Annabelle Rama blessed social media with this adorable and wholesome grandma and granddaughter bonding. 

Lorin, Ruffa Gutierrez’s eldest child, took to TikTok to share a video of her doing a makeup tutorial with her lola doing the voiceover.

“Ah maganda ha, you know how to put makeup na Lorin,” Anabelle complimented Lorin before starting her voiceover. 

Throughout Lorin’s tutorial, the duo entertained netizens, with Annabelle getting confused over Lorin’s makeup products and being “brutally honest” with her side comments. 

“Ano ‘yang puti, concealer? Para san ‘yan pampalaki ng mata? Ay nako ang dami naman palang arte ng makeup mo, Lorin,” Annabelle said in the video.

“Mahirap Lorin, ano ba ‘yan Lorin. Iba na ang makeup ng mga bata ngayon ano ba, ang dami dami,” she added. 


highly requested makeup tutorial narrated by my lola hahahaha she doesnt know how tiktok works so i had to guide her and her netflix is playing in the background #fyp #grwm

♬ original sound – lorin

Annabelle also melted netizens’ hearts with her endearing words for her apo: “Ang galing galing mong mag makeup anak. Wow, ang galing galing ni Lorin.”

Lorin’s “highly requested” makeup tutorial with her lola comes after her equally hilarious makeup tutorial narrated by her mom Ruffa.


my mom narrates my makeup routine… fyi mother i never steal from ur bathroom ?? #grwm #makeup

♬ original sound – lorin
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