Michelle Madrigal welcomes new chapter in life after divorce 


Michelle Madrigal marked the end of her marriage to Troy Woolfolk on the day that would have been their wedding anniversary. 

The former actress took to social media to share that she is now legally separated from her husband along with snaps from their wedding day back in 2019.  

“Yesterday was supposedly a day we celebrate our union few years back…Fast forward to 2022, it’s a completely different story because this marriage is at the end of divorce (took some time but have been legally separated),” she said.  

Michelle opened up that she needed to heal and forgive herself for setting her own boundaries. She proudly shared that she is now a different woman from who she was a year ago.  

As she lets go of the negativity from her past marriage, she shared that they are still blessed to have a loving daughter to share.  

“Letting go to free myself. Welcome to the new chapter of my life. To all my friends and family who have supported me emotionally and financially, y’all know who you are! Thank you,” she ended.  

It was in August of last year when the vlogger and former actress opened up about her breakup, expressing that they would remain friends and co-parents to their daughter Anika. 

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Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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