Angel Locsin celebrates reaching 25 million followers on Facebook 


Angel Locsin is grateful for the love from her 25 million followers on Facebook.  

The actress recently reached a social media milestone when she amassed 25 million followers on the platform.  

“Baka makahanap ka ng jowa mo dyan,” she joked in a social media post.  

She added: “Thank you for the love.” 

Under the comments section, Angel’s friends in the industry congratulated her for the feat.  

“Grabe. Amazing Angel! IDOL,” veteran broadcaster Karen Davila wrote.  

It was just in August of last year when Angel congratulated her “Angels” when she reached 23 million followers on Facebook.  

“Angels, please get vaccinated, REGISTER & vote,” she wrote in the caption.  


Angel Locsin reaches 23 million followers on Facebook

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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