Geneva Cruz is officially a sergeant of the Philippine Air Force Reserve Command


Geneva Cruz bagged another accolade as she graduated as sergeant of the Philippine Air Force (PAF) Reserve Command.

The singer-actress took to Instagram last Wednesday, March 9, to share photos and talk about her experience training with the PAF.

She began by recalling the time she was always amazed by soldiers back when she was a kid.

“I have always been fascinated by the mystique and allure of a soldier’s charmed life. There’s something about their aura that’s appealing and engaging to me,” she said.

Moreover, Geneva explained that there is more to soldiers than their snappy uniforms, training, and discipline.

“[It is also] trying to grasp the abstract concepts of heroism, patriotism, and courage on the one hand, and the gore and sheer horror of war and bloodshed on the other,” she explained.

“I realized that you never really get to understand a soldier’s life until you step in their boots,” she added.

She, then, expressed proudly that she is officially a sergeant of the PAF’s reserve command.

“It’s been said that the unexamined life is not worth living, and I agree. But today, as I grow bolder, wiser, and take up the cudgels for women’s empowerment, I say that a meaningful life is worth dying for,” Geneva said.

Furthermore, she silenced doubters of her achievement, saying they should enlist too and stop looking down on people’s passions in life.

“No, this isn’t a movie or a teleserye; it’s real life. If you have doubts if I truly deserve this badge, maybe you should enlist, too. It’s time to put your money where your mouth is, and It’s never too late to make something out of your life instead of belittling and frowning upon another person’s passions and truth,” she said.

Geneva concluded her post by dedicating this achievement to her late mother, her children, and herself.

“This goes out to my mama in heaven, my children, and me. Sergeant Cruz, ready to serve and protect,” she said.

Jeffrey Hidalgo, Geneva’s former bandmate in the popular 90’s group Smokey Mountain, was present at her graduation ceremony, showing her support.

Geneva joins a long list of celebrities who have also done training to become army reservists, like Dingdong Dantes, Matteo Guidicelli, JM De Guzman, Arci Muñoz, and Winwyn Marquez, among others.

Adam Laurena
Adam Laurena
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