Bianca Gonzales shares tips she learned from COVID-19 isolation


Now that she has “graduated” from COVID-19, Bianca Gonzales made sure to share tips that helped her cope when she was isolated with mild symptoms.  

The host revealed that her home was also hit COVID-19 and that they all experienced mild symptoms only.  

Her first out of five tips for those who are going through the same, she advised that they have a routine to help them feel like they have control of something.  

Bianca then shared that enough sleep is key to recovering from the illness.  

“Get some sun, if you can. Outside your door, by the window, if you have access to it, getting morning sun and that natural Vitamin D is so good for you,” she wrote.  

The celebrity mom shared that keeping in touch with friends who are also isolating was “oddly comforting” but was successful in making her feel like she was not alone during the days of isolation.  

She ended her list with this last tip: “Try/learn/do something different or new, yung talagang unrelated to your work, anything that can help get your mind off worrying and more into this new thing you’re figuring out.” 

Based on her snaps she posted online, it seems that Bianca has spent her sick days productively with work and hobbies to help get in good spirits.  

“Let’s continue to wash hands frequently and wear our masks, and get vaccinated and boosted when you can,” she said.  

On another social media post, she expressed her gratitude for her husband JC Intal for being their family’s rock during this tough time.  

“Thank you mahal for being our family’s rock, now more than ever. You are great,” she wrote.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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