Jose Manalo’s estranged wife Anna Lyn passes away


Jose Manalo’s estranged wife Anna Lyn passed away last Friday, January 14.  

The comedian’s children, including actors Benj and Nicco Manalo, took to social media to announce the passing and burial details of their mother.  

“Your prayers are very much appreciated during this difficult time,” he wrote.  

While he did not share the details of Anna’s death, Benjamin shared that they had an intimate memorial service for their friends and family.  

Meanwhile, Benjamin’s sister Myki shared a touching message for their late mother and a snap of their family during the memorial service.  

“Mommy gave birth to us five. I’d like to believe that her biggest legacy and the most treasured gift she will leave us here on Earth is the gift of love we have for each other,” she wrote.  

“Thank you for teaching us how to love – specifically by loving us all beyond words, by loving us unconditionally until your last breath. You dedicated your life to us. We will take care of each other from here on. Don’t worry about us, Mommy. We will all make you proud. Run free and rest well. I love you so much. We love you very much.”

Jose and Anna had four children – Benj, Myki, Ai and Niccolo. 

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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