Michael V. pens emotional message for deceased pet bird


Michael V. turned emotional as he wrote about his family’s pet bird, a sun conure named Pepper.

The veteran comedian-actor penned how Pepper passed and how their beloved pet has made their lives happier during the pandemic.  

Bitoy, as he’s fondly called in the showbiz industry, shared that Pepper was attacked by another bird on December 6.  

“I help Pepper’s lifeless body in my hands. May patak pa ng dugo ‘yung makulay na feathers n’ya. He was still warm and his eyes were half open but he wasn’t moving. Had I known how to perform CPR for birds, baka sinubukan ko ‘e,” he wrote.  

He then looked back on their family pet’s best days when it would even laugh at the sound of their own laughter and how he would give them a peck on their lips when he had the chance.  

“At ngayon na wala na siya, I realize, ang sakit pala. I never expected losing a pet can be this heartbreaking,” he said.  

The 51-year-old ended: “We love you, Pepper and we’re going to miss you. We all wish you could’ve stayed for a little longer. Goodbye forever. Now you are truly free.” 

Under the comments section, netizens sympathized with Bitoy for his loss. Some wrote how his experience was “every pet owner’s biggest fear”. 

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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