‘My heart is shattered’: Khalil Ramos mourns sudden passing of pet cat


Khalil Ramos expressed his grief as he said goodbye to his beloved three-year-old cat, Mandy. 

In an emotional social media post, the singer-actor shared how his cat’s passing came unexpectedly for him.  

“At exactly 1:09AM this morning, our Mandy boo passed away due to Leukemia Viremia and a strong bacterial infection. She was 3 years old,” he wrote.  

Khalil then shared his fur friend’s best qualities that earned his heart like being the first to greet him in the morning and the last to say good night.  

He added: “You were always there for me when I needed comfort. You knew exactly how to make me smile with your warm cuddles every night.” 

The 25-year-old then opened up that he wished he was able to say goodbye to his pet before she passed.  

“This was all too sudden for me. I wish I was able to say goodbye. Thank you Mandy. I will forever cherish our memories together. I love you,” he ended.  

Khalil shared several Instagram posts dedicated to Mandy and her cutest snaps while they were bonding.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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