Sharon Cuneta turns emotional as Frankie leaves for NY to continue college


Sharon Cuneta was one emotional mom when she had to bid her daughter Frankie goodbye as she left for New York to continue college.  

On social media, the Megastar opened up that whenever one of her kids leave her side, they take a big piece of her heart with them. 

“My Kakie, my Baba is flying back to New York right about now & if my heart had already been breaking for days over her leaving and other matters, today it is in pieces,” she said.  

The veteran actress-singer also shared that she worries for her daughter Miel who would be without her ate after over 17 months together.  

“As a mother, my heart is full because of their very special, unbreakable bond. But it is heartbreaking to see your bunso baby girl hurt and try to stay strong knowing that her Ate isn’t going to be there anymore, at least until Christmas,” she wrote. 

The sentimental mom said that without one of her kids at home, the silence is deafening.  

Back in 2019, Sharon was upfront with her feelings when she talked about her sentiments on Frankie leaving the country.  

“I cry every night, but I shouldn’t be selfish and just let her spread her wings and fly,” she said.  

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Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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