Claudine Barretto introduces daughter Sabina’s boyfriend


Claudine Barreto’s eldest child Sabina is all grown-up!

Over the weekend, the celebrity mom shared a series of photos from her daughters Sabina and Quia’s respective birthday parties. 

Sabina, 17, and Quia both turned a year older last June. 

In some of the snaps of Sabina’s BTS-themed birthday party, netizens mistook a guy who was with Sabina in the photos as her brother Santino.

Santino is Claudine’s biological son with Raymart Santiago. Sab, Quia and another son named Noah are the actress’ adopted children.

Claudine then corrected the netizens, telling them that the guy was her daughter’s boyfriend. 

“That’s Not SANTINO. That’s Raffy, Sab’s boyfriend. Saint doesn’t want his pictures taken,” explained Claudine. 

Meanwhile, one netizen gave unsolicited advice to Claudine about Sabina dating at a young age.

“Sab is only 17 masyado pa sila bata para maka boyfriend at girlfriend. Paki ingatan nalang c sab mukha naman good (girl) si Sab,” said the netizen. 

Claudine, on the other hand, replied: “Yes thank you. Good girl naman si Ate Sab.”

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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