Bela Padilla denies tying the knot in Italy


Bela Padilla recently denied speculation that she tied the knot with her foreign boyfriend Norman Bay.   

Months after being apart, the couple finally reunited with a getaway to Italy.  

In an Instagram post, Bella was spotted wearing a white dress with a band on her left ring finger as she explored the streets of Florence.  

An eagle-eyed netizen pointed out the ring on her finger and shared how they think the actress has already tied the knot with her Swiss-Italian boyfriend.  

“Feeling ko kinasal kana jan yung singsing napansin ko,” the netizen wrote.  

Bella simply replied that the accessory was her own.  

In a past Instagram post, Bela shared that she recently travelled to Tuscany.  

“Today, I woke up in a house facing vineyards and hiked without meaning to, to get to this natural pool,” she wrote.  

The 30-year-old revealed that she’s in a relationship back in October 2020. She went on a trip to Capadoccia, Turkey and dubbed Norman as “the one I met in St. Gallen”.  

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