Yassi Pressman meets NBA star Damian Lillard


Yassi Pressman finally met National Basketball Association (NBA) star Damian Lillard in person.

“It’s about DAM(E) TIME we see each other in person ?,” the actress said in a social media post on Saturday, referencing how fans described the Portland Trail Blazers player.

Yassi then thanked Lillard for the help he extended to the Philippine General Hospital after it was hit by devastating fire a few months back.

“But seriously tho, i wanna say thank you to this big guy for spending time today, for helping me out during my reachout in the PH when the Philippine General Hospital caught fire, & just for being the kind-hearted person that he is.”

“You are truly a gem. So down to earth. My most favorite player. Can’t wait to see you again soon!


It’s not clear how Yassi and the basketball star got to know each other. But Lillard was specially thanked by the actress, who was one of the celebrities who responded to the state-run medical facility’s call for donations, in May.


She wrote then, “Huuuuge thanks to big brother @DamianLillard for sending over such a generous amount, kahit na wala siya sa Pilipinas, just to be able help.”

Yassi is currently in the US with her sister Issa Pressman.

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