Christian Bables falls victim to viral ‘Pop Star Meal,’ orders it on drive-thru


Oops! Christian Bables just thought the “Pop Star Meal” was legit.

The singer-actor recently shared his embarrassing moment online after he tried ordering the made-up Sarah Geronimo-inspired meal at a drive-thru of a fast food chain. 

The Pop Star Meal which was created by marketing student Arvin Chritian Lobo made rounds online following the release of the McDonald’s BTS meal deal featuring the K-pop boy band’s signature order.

“Nag drive thru ako for the pop star meal, sh*t hindi pala to totoo. Napapala ng hindi nagbabasa,” Chritian wrote on Twitter Tuesday night, adding that he tried explaining his order in detail to the drive-thru staff.

It was only when his order was met with the staff’s laughter did Christian finally figure out that the Pop Star Meal was nothing close to reality. 

“Hahaha yung pagkaka-explain ko pa eh: ‘Ate yung nuggets na star, na may coke Sarah.” Sa lutong ng tawa ni ate, parang 10 years na kami magkaibigan,’” said Christian in another tweet. 

“Nag init yung tenga ko sa hiya, hahaha yung parang nagmakaawa pa akong pag bilhan nila ako ng star na nuggets tsaka ng coke Sarah. Na realize kong muka na akong timang nung nagkulay violet na si ate kakatawa. Mukang mapapanaginipan ko siya ng mga two weeks.” 

The imaginary Pop Star meal includes the Tala nuggets and Ikot-Ikot fries to reference Sarah’s hit songs. It also includes the Coke Sarah drink, which is a play on Sarah’s moniker “Coach Sarah” in The Voice Philippines.

“Maniniwala nalang ako ulit sa mga meal meal na yan pag lumabas na ang BUCKET PAPA ng Sexbomb meal,” Christian added in jest.

Since the launch of the BTS meal in the country, fans have put their creative juices to use to create one for their idols such Ben&Ben, Jolina Magdangal, Taylor Swift, Sexbomb girls and Regine Velasquez.

Lyka Nicart
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