Ruffa Gutierrez honors her fellow single mothers


Ruffa Gutierrez turned emotional as she looked back on her daughter Lorin’s graduation.  

In a heart-warming social media post, the mother of two took time to honor her fellow single mothers who persevered to raise their children. 

“Today, I want to salute all the hard-working single mothers who have raised their children with courage and strength on their own. The road is never easy but we persevere,” she wrote. 

She then encouraged her fellow parents to keep their faith and their struggles will be rewarded with blessings.

In her Instagram post, she shared the precious moments from her eldest daughter’s graduation celebration at home.  

Last Saturday, Ruffa couldn’t help but share how proud she was of finally having her “first graduate”. 

“Always know that @venicebektas, the family & I are proud of you and will hold your hand as you move forward to the next chapter in life,” she wrote.

Her daughter Lorin will be embarking on many journeys soon as she preps for college and her showbiz debut.  

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Rossane Ramos
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