Rachelle Ann Go shows chic look after giving birth


Rachelle Ann Go is going to be one stylish mom! 

On Instagram, the global musical theater actress shared how she rocked her shades with a modelesque pose at the hospital.  

“If the contractions are strong, make it fashion,” she mused.   

It was just two weeks ago when Rachelle gave birth to her and her husband Martin Spies’ first child, Lukas Judah. 

The happy mom looked back on her experience and shared how she was able to deliver their baby in just 18 minutes. 

“My midwife said she’ll give me an hour to push. If not, the doctors will have to examine me again and might to emergency CS. I said ‘NO! I will do it in 15-20 minus!’ It took me 18 mins to push Lukas out! Praise God! Tinodo ko na talaga ang pag-push,” she said.  

She also shared that since it was only her, her husband and their midwife in the room, Martin was the one assisting their midwife with his wife’s delivery.  

“I cannot believe we did it! We kept praying for a miracle. It was a loooong labor… I was progressing really slowly but I was actually enjoying the contractions!” she shared.  

Even while she was giving birth, Rachelle managed to break out into a song, she shared that all three of them were singing worship songs while it was all happening.  

“My big take away is FAITH over fear. God will meet us at the level of our faith,” said Rachelle.  

The couple welcomed their firstborn on March 26, 2021. She made the announcement on Instagram with a photo of her embracing her newborn.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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