Ion Perez reaffirms love for Vice Ganda


Ion Perez has reaffirmed his love for partner Vice Ganda amid criticisms about their relationship.

The It’s Showtime co-host recently posted an Instagram photo of them together to address speculations that he would likely cheat on Vice Ganda, saying he already let the comedian-host’s mom know how much he loves her son. 

“Bago niyo isipin at sabihin na lolokohin ko to! Isipan niyo muna namay isang NANAY ROSARIO akong sinabihan na MAHAL NA MAHAL KO ang ANAK niyang si TUTOY! Daming EBAS!” wrote Ion as caption, echoing Vice Ganda’s signature lines “VAKLANG TWOO!” and “O LOKO” at the end.

Vice, in the comments section said, “Daming ebas! Lolz!!!”

To which Ion replied, “ I LOVE YOU TUY!”

In Vice Ganda’s recent vlog, Ion said that the most hurtful comment he received because of his relationship with Vice was that his mother was only after his partner’s money.

Vice revealed that Ion used to cry about it but has learned to just laugh it off. (READ: Ion Perez recalls ‘most hurtful’ words said to him over relationship with Vice Ganda)

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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