Ivana Alawi shares topless photo to celebrate 8 million YouTube subscribers

Ivana Alawi has surpassed eight million subscribers on YouTube.

The actress-vlogger has racked up another million subscribers on her YouTube channel just a month after reaching seven million last June. 

To celebrate her new milestone, Ivana shared another daring photo of herself on Instagram which she captioned: “HAPPY 8 MILLION YOUTUBE.”

In the photo shot by photographer BJ Pascual, the sexy actress posed half-naked with only her arms covering her chest.

A behind-the-scenes video of the pictorial will be uploaded on BJ Pascual’s YouTube channel soon. 

Ivana’s YouTube channel, which usually contains pranks, mukbang vlogs, among others, regularly garners a million views every upload. 

She recently did a collab vlog with fellow celerity vlogger Alex Gonzaga, who also reached eight million subscribers recently.


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