Richard Gomez recounts how he proposed to Lucy Torres in sweet birthday message


Richard Gomez is marking his wife Lucy Torres’ 46th birthday with the sweetest birthday message.

The veteran actor turned politician looked back on how he proposed to Lucy on the eve of her birthday in 1997 in Ormoc.  

Richard and Lucy first met on the set of a shampoo TV commercial in the ’90s. They have been married for 22 years.

“You were that beautiful young lady with a very infectious laugh, a face with eyes I can stare at the whole day, those delicate hands I love to touch and hold and lips I can kiss forever,” Richard wrote.  

He said this distant memory of his felt like it happened only yesterday. Here they are celebrating Lucy’s special day with their 20-year-old daughter Juliana. 

“You are God’s gift to us. I must have done something really good in my past life to have you in my life now,” he said.  

He then shared what their plans would be once the pandemic is done. Richard said he would want to travel again, get lost somewhere, sit in a café and make their plans.  

“I am so glad to have witnessed everything you’ve achieved. And I know you are bound for bigger and greater things in life. Keep on doing what you do best — making people happy.  

“I love you so much, honey! Happy birthday, my love,” Richard ended.  

Meanwhile, their daughter Juliana shared a video of her mom blowing out her birthday candle.  

“I remember telling you when I was little that if we were the same age, we’d probably be bffs. Happy birthday to my first best friend, I love you,” she wrote. 

Lucy celebrated her birthday on December 11.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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