‘2gether’ stars Bright Vachirawit, Nene Pornnappan apologize to fans over relationship news


Thai actor Bright Vachirawit and his “2gether: The Series” co-star Nene Pornnappan are in a romantic relationship.

The two confirmed their romance after they were spotted together holding hands and having dinner while on a vacation in Japan.

Following his talent agency Cloud9 Entertainment’s statement addressing the matter, Bright and Nene also took to their social media accounts to speak up and apologize for surprising their fans with the news. 

“I just wanted to clarify a few things, especially for my fans who are always so caring and curious about how I am doing—yes, we are really dating. I’d like to apologise for shocking you with this news,” said Bright in an X post. 

Bright said they meant no disrespect and harm with their relationship, saying his focus is “always on spreading love and positivity through my work and dedication.” 

The actor also expressed his gratitude to his fans who continue to shower him with love and support.

“I am incredibly grateful for everything that has shaped me into who I am today, and for all the love and support I’ve received. Thank you to all of you who continue to support and love me. It means a lot,” he wrote. 

Bright then shared words of praises for his girlfriend: “Nene is one of the most precious people I’ve met. She makes me feel warm and safe every day we’ve been together. I hope you guys will cheer for us.”

Nene, likewise, talked about her feelings with Bright in an Instagram post, saying sorry that it took a while to reveal their relationship to their fans. 

“Sorry for not being able to share this with you earlier before it made the news. You know me, I usually keep my personal life separate from my music because my focus is always on spreading love and positivity through my music and performances for all of you wonderful people,” said Nene. 

The singer went on to share how Bright and her  relationship with him has inspired her in making music. 

“Bright is  a warm person. We support each other when things are tough and celebrate together when we’re happy. Those who have been following me know that I am always honest about my feelings. Feelings are what drive me and fuel my creativity, inspiring me to write both sad and love songs.

She furthered, “Love motivates me to be a better person, filling my heart with warmth every day. When we are together, I find myself laughing more, smiling brighter, and feeling unafraid to take risks. Because I know there will always be someone to accept me, support me, and catch me if I fall.”

Nene expressed her gratitude to her fans as well:  “Music is truly my passion, and it’s how I express myself best. I am very grateful for all the love and support I’ve received. Thank you all for being a part of my journey and supporting me through it all.” 

Bright starred as Sarawat in the hit Thai BL series “2gether” opposite Win Metawin while Nene played the role of Air. 

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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