Doctor survives COVID-19, celebrates ‘gift of life’ on 27th birthday


Dr. Carmina Fuentabella, the young medical frontliner who got hit by COVID-19 while in the line of duty, is celebrating her 27th birthday today with the “best gift yet — the gift of life”.

Fuentabella, a resident doctor at University of Santo Tomas Hospital, went viral as family members, colleagues and some celebrities asked prayers for her healing and recovery on social media after Dr. Richard Mata reported that she was intubated and in critical condition two weeks ago. 

Fuentabella’s cousin RJ Palad shared the good news in a Facebook post on April 19 that she is already on her way to complete recovery and “almost out of the tunnel”.

In a now-viral post on Friday, Fuentabella shared a little of what she has gone through while battling the disease and expressed gratitude to everyone who has helped her overcome the ordeal. 

“These past couple of weeks have been really tough for me, but I could only imagine how much harder it has been for everyone else. It took me quite a while to fully comprehend what I just went through, but I’m really grateful to everyone who has been with me all the way,” she wrote.

“To all my consultants, fellows, co-residents, nurses, family, words cannot express how thankful I am for all of you. For going out of your way to see if I was still breathing, for staying up countless nights to make sure I was still mentally okay, for enduring with me through every step of this hardship, and for all the things you did I was too sick to even know — from the bottom of my heart, I really really thank you,” she added.

She also thanked everyone who sent in their well wishes for her recovery. 

“To my friends, and to everyone who generously offered me their love and countless prayers, although I may not be able to personally thank every single one of you, please know that I am eternally grateful for the overwhelming support you all have given me,” she said. 

She added, “It felt like a dead end, but through everyone’s efforts and prayers I’m finally on my way to full recovery.” 

Fuentabella also expressed her eagerness to head back to work once she is fully recovered. 

“I may be down, but rest assured that I will come back and once again battle at the frontlines — stronger and maybe a *little bit* more careful than before. It is, and it will always be an honor for me to train and serve under USTH ?.”

She also wished safety for all the frontliners as they continue fighting the pandemic. 

“Finally, to all my fellow frontliners, I pray you all remain safe as this pandemic continues to wreak havoc. We still have a long way to go, but I hope we can all stay healthy as we try to defeat this virus. God bless everyone and stay safe!” she ended.
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