‘Until we meet again’: Andrea Brillantes wraps up role as Sky and Luna in Senior High


Andrea Brillantes took to social media to reflect on her time as Sky and Luna in the Kapamilya thriller series Senior High.

The show aired its finale episode on Friday, January 19, which saw a “full-circle moment” with seasoned actor Mon Confiado’s antagonistic role, Governor Acosta, mirroring the death of his victim, Luna, shown in the series’ pilot episode.

In a lengthy, emotional post, Andrea expressed her pride and honor in being part of a show that bravely addressed sensitive topics and raised awareness on various societal issues.

The series, which delved into themes such as bullying, mental health, poverty, harassment, grooming, substance abuse, and more, has gained acclaim for its candid portrayal of real-world challenges.

“When I was first approached about this show, they mentioned that it would be the first of its kind. I didn’t feel any fear whatsoever; instead, I felt an overwhelming sense of passion and excitement to be a part of it,” Brillantes shared.

Expressing gratitude to the viewers, Andrea thanked everyone who engaged with Senior High, creating theories and content, participating in Facebook groups, and supporting the cast throughout the series.

“Thank you to everyone who loved this show. It is my hope that you have learned a great deal, and that we were successful in conveying the message we intended with this production,” she wrote.

The actress acknowledged the hope that the show had left a lasting impact and successfully conveyed the intended messages.

Andrea also extended gratitude to Dreamscape and ABS-CBN for entrusting them with such a significant role, acknowledging the importance of collaboration in bringing socially relevant content to their viewers.

In a heartfelt address to the characters of Sky and Luna, the actress expressed gratitude for the lessons and deep affection held for the journey of bringing the twin characters to life.

“To Sky and Luna, I am truly grateful for the invaluable lessons I have learned from both of you. The process of bringing these twin characters to life was a journey, and I will always hold a deep affection for them.”

Concluding her post, Andrea emphasized that this is not a goodbye but a “temporary farewell”, leaving the door open for a future reunion.

“No goodbyes, just a temporary farewell! Until we meet again,” she said.

The actor ended her message with the show’s iconic phrase: “That’s the Northford way!”

Meanwhile, Andrea, along with her co-star and close friend Xyriel Manabat, previously opened the possibility of working on a Girls’ Love (GL) series together in the future, during a media conference for Senior High’s finale.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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