Sharon Cuneta shares unedited photo of figure


Sharon Cuneta has been seeing great results from her lifestyle changes and we’re here for it! 

The Megastar happily shared an unedited photo of her figure after a long day of work.

Her caption read: “Just got home from work. Thank You, Lord for a wonderful taping day #noeditinghuwaw.” 

In the photo, she sported form-fitting gray long sleeves and black pants.  

The veteran singer-actress’ friends and supporters all noticed her figure and sent her praises.  

Early this year, Sharon opened up on the weight loss journey she took in 2020. She shared that she is now a size 10.  

“I haven’t been a size 10 in many years. My normal size when I was thin was 6 or 8 & I would panic na pag 8,” she shared.  

It seems like her goal is to go back to a size 6 again, as she said she would only need to lose 20 more pounds to get there.  

“After so many years of trying to get rid of all this extra weight and losing anywhere from 60-80lbs., 20 doesn’t seem like too much work anymore,” she said.  

She then thanked the Lord for “knocking her head into its senses” and helping her start her weight loss journey.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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