‘Let the breasts breathe’: Vicki Belo supports Julia Barretto going braless during this quarantine


Dr. Vicki Belo expressed support for Julia Barretto who has opted for a bra-free daily outfit at home during the lockdown.

In an Instagram post last week, Julia shared a photo of her quarantine “OOTD and everyday”,  wearing jogger pants and a white shirt without any bra.

Julia’s post drew mixed reactions from her followers. This prompted Belo to share her thoughts on Julia’s move.

“@JuliaBarretto’s post got some negative comments when she posted a photo of her lounging at home braless,” said Belo in an Instagram post on Thursday.

Belo said she agrees with Julia’s idea of going braless in her own home.

“I think Julia is right. Sometimes, it’s better not to wear a bra if you’re just lounging around the house, and especially if your breasts are not over a B cup or are not sagging,” she said.

The celebrity doctor also noted reasons why ditching bras can be a good option.

“Not wearing a bra allows for better blood circulation especially in the lung and breast area. Secondly, bra straps can be pressing on the area between the shoulder and the neck leading to neck pain.”

Belo also shared other research that shows the advantages of not wearing a bra via Instagram stories.

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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