‘Bakit parang kasalanan ko?’: Here’s how direk Antoinette Jadaone almost lost her engagement ring


Moments after Antoinette Jadaone announced her engagement with fellow filmmaker Dan Villegas, she shared how she almost lost her wedding ring in Rome. 

In Instagram, the Filipina filmmaker penned a short story she titled “Ang Alamat ng Nawawalang Maluwag Na Singsing.”

According to direk Tonet, they were about to check out from their hotel room when her now fiancé asked if her engagement ring was with her. To her surprise, the ring was not where it was supposed to be. 

“Tinignan ko yung darili ko. WALA ANG SINGSING. ‘WALA ANG SINGSING!!!’ sabi ko,” she wrote. 

The 35-year-old filmmaker said she checked the bathroom sink and even the trash can just in case it was there.

“Chineck ko ang banyo. Sa lababo — kakasipilyo ko lang, nahulog ba??? Kinalikot ko ‘yung drainage, wala! Jusko, wag naman sanang nahulog! Chineck ko ‘yung basurahan. Mami, hinalungkat ko, jusko ang dirty, pero ‘yung singsing jusko po, okay lang maging dirty! Wala! Jusko, rurok na ba ng katangahan ko at nai-flush ko??? Jusko, wag naman sana, kasi mahirap kalikutin ‘yung inidoro, super dirty na! Oo, nakatira ako malapit sa Pasig River pero inidoro is dirty pa rin!” she further wrote.

Luckily, after her checking the pile of clothes in her luggage, she finally found her treasured ring.

“Kung kaninang umaga PH time ay may naramdaman kayong hangin, yun yung buntung-hininga ko. Jusko. Yung sigh of relief, akala ko nagawa ko na dati, per hindi. Yung pala ang sigh of relief,” she said. 

From now on, Tonet said she no longer leaves the house worrying if she’s wearing her bra or if she has paid her internet bill already, she now worries about her engagement ring getting misplaced once again. 

The lady director and her husband-to-be are creators and collaborators of hit hugot films That Thing Called Tadhana, Never Not Love You and Alone/Together. 

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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