Sunshine Cruz slams netizen for criticizing her daughter


Actress Sunshine Cruz was quick to clap back at a netizen who criticized her daughter Samantha for being associated with Kadenang Ginto star Kyle Echarri

Samantha is Sunshine’s second daughter with former husband Cesar Montano

“Why are you attacking my daughter @samcruzm? Mag ingat ka @myluvkycine. Kyle Echarri and my daughter are friends ONLY! Pati kami na nanahimik babastusin mo. Walang umaagaw kay Kyle,”  Sunshine wrote in a tweet last Sunday, along with a screenshot of the netizen’s messages.  

“Who’s Kyle dating right now you or Lorin?” the netizen asked. 

“Kayo sisira sa career ni Kyle hahaha lalandi niyo manang mana kayo sa nanay niyo haha alam niyo may ka loveteam na si Kyle lagi pa din kayo nagkikita,” the netizen continued with below-the-belt statements mentioning Sunshine. 

“Mana ka sa nanay mo bold star malandi malandi kayo ni Lorin.”

Other netizens with Twitter handles that suggested they were fans of KyCine or Kyle’s love team with Francine Diaz on Kadenang Ginto apologized for the rude messages.  

Sunshine responded: “Kyle is a nice boy. I’ve met him. Marespetong bata. We know that for a fact. I won’t allow my daughter to be friends with someone rude. Plus I watch KG when I’m home. I like their serye tbh.”

She also asked them to reveal the real identity of the basher.

“Please let me know who he/she is if you find out para ako mismo ang kumausap. Baka hindi natuturuan ng tamang asal ng magulang. She/he already deactivated her/his IG account.”

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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