Regine Velasquez recalls discrimination at NY luxury store


Asia’s songbird Regine Velasquez is known not only for her singing prowess, but for her massive shoe collection as well.

Regine gave her fans a peek of her impressive walk-in closet in a video she posted on her Youtube channel. Her vlogging debut generated over a million views in just a few weeks. 

The star’s closet was lined up with innumerable gowns and shoes of different colors and designs. But there was one shoe in particular that gave Regine a memory she wasn’t fond of. 

She held up a beautiful platform heel from a runway collection of Louis Vuitton in 2001. A few years back, Regine scoured different stores just to get the rare shoe. She found them at a branch in New York but her efforts came to nothing when the staff refused to attend to her. 

Regine Velasquez with her Louis Vuitton shoe

“When I got there, nakita ko na! Dun sa display! Umpisa palang sinabi sa akin wala akong size. Di ako binilan,” she said. 

When she asked if she could try the shoes on, the staff was quick to say no.

“Na-discriminate agad ang lola niyo, so na-depress ako ng very very light,” she admitted. 

Regine’s heart-sinking experience caused her to buy 20 pairs of shoes at another high-end store next door. According to the singer, when she returned to the Louis Vuitton store carrying her many shopping bags, she was finally attended to. 

“Pagkatapos ko bilhin yung 20 pairs, pumunta ulit ako ng Louis Vuitton. Nung marami na akong bitbit, pinapasok ako sa loob at nabili ko na siya,” she said. 

After what’s happened, Regine told her viewers not to feel bad when they’re discriminated against. She advised them to “go back and kick some ass.”

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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