‘No longer a child but a woman’: KC Concepcion after backlash on daring photos


Days after netizens criticized KC Concepcion for showing too much skin in recent Instagram posts, the actress snapped back with a lengthy post about body shaming and embracing her curves. 

“I am no longer a child. I am a WOMAN. And I will break the standards of beauty – or dare I say, ASIAN beauty, if I need to – by EMBRACING my CURVES,” she wrote.

KC also reassured other women shamed for their “natural voluptuousness” that they are beautiful no matter what shape or size they are in. 

“If you are like me, you need to know you are BEAUTIFUL in whatever shape or size – it’s your body, take care of her, love her, make her better.”

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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