Spend special moments with your family this Christmas with Eden


Eden reminds us that despite the challenges and the things we are missing this year, family mealtimes are still Christmas gifts worth savoring and are special moments to be grateful for. 

Christmas celebrations look a lot different than the big holiday parties and family reunions before 2020 struck. You’ve probably thought to yourself: “Why do I need to put in so much effort into cooking Noche Buena, if kami kami lang naman?”  

If the past two years have taught us anything, it’s never to take anything—or anyone—for granted. This has been two years of uncertainties and struggles but there’s still hope. We hang on to hope with our families, our loved ones, and the traditions we have been sharing with them. The fact that we are alive, that we still find ourselves surrounded by family and friends, and that we can still share mealtimes together, there is still so much to be grateful for. The holiday season is the best time to show how grateful you are for your family. Showing your appreciation isn’t only just through presents under the tree, but also through putting in the effort by cooking up a feast. A Noche Buena that’s as special as your family is what they deserve.  

This is why gratefulness was at the center of Eden’s Grateful Christmas Facebook Live Event held last December 9. Eden mom ambassadors Nikka Garcia, Sherilyn Reyes-Tan, and Ciara Magallanes shared real and inspiring stories of what they are grateful for in 2021.  

Eden also launched their Eden Gratefulness Bundle in ecommerce, which is a Christmas Bundle initiative for the benefit of Rise Against Hunger Philippines, a non-profit organization that actively implements programs to address food insecurity and malnutrition in the Philippines. For every purchase of the Eden Gratefulness Bundles on Shopee, Eden will donate one (1) Eden Gratefulness Bundle of the same kind to Rise Against Hunger Philippines. Buy 1 and Give 1 now through this link –> bit.ly/ShopEdenCheese 

Eden has also released the Eden Gratefulness Instagram & Facebook filter, which aims to spread the cycle of gratefulness and which users can use to express on social media their gratefulness for being with family this Christmas season. It’s very easy to try, users just need to launch the filter from IG/FB, wait for the randomizer to select something to be grateful for, and once selected, the user can nominate a person who matches the description. After, users can explain why they are grateful for them, tag them in the post, and upload it on Facebook or Instagram with their description or story, accompanied by the hashtag #NamnaminPaRinAngPasko, which you can also try through these links: 

INSTAGRAM –> bit.ly/EdenGratefulnessFilterIG 

FACEBOOK –> bit.ly/EdenGratefulnessFilterFB 

Eden Cheese has been a beloved mainstay in every Filipino’s home for decades, making dishes more special with its distinct, creamy taste and a must for any occasion, especially during Christmas. There’s an Eden Cheese to add to every festive dish, from baked mac to leche flan! And with each dish, you show just how much you appreciate the gift of your family’s presence, time, and love they always give you! So to make your family mealtimes more special, Eden has also prepared various recipes in the CheeseAnything site! Just head on to CheeseAnything.com/EdenPasarapinAngPasko to check out recipes like Spaghetti, Leche Flan, Embutido, Baked Mac for your holiday dishes! Truly making our mealtimes with family more special this Christmas. 

Whip up a Noche Buena that your family will remember for years to come. Eden Cheese is available in all leading supermarkets. Eden Cheese and the Eden Gratefulness Bundle are also available online via Shopee in this link bit.ly/ShopEdenCheese 

#NamnaminPaRinAngPasko, because there is still so much to be grateful for, no matter how challenging the past year has been. 

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