‘I haven’t been this happy in many years’: Sharon Cuneta celebrates weight loss


Sharon Cuneta is the happiest she has ever been now that she’s achieving her health goals.

On social media, the veteran actress-singer celebrated this feat as she opened up on the long road she took to get to where she is now. Her sentiments came along with a recent photo of her smiling from ear-to-ear.  

“It’s taken me a looong while to get here — and I have just a few more to go before I get to my ideal weight. But I really have NOT been THIS HAPPY in many years! You can always see the real state of my hear in my EYES,” Sharon said.

The Megastar acknowledged that while losing weight was hard, being inspired to move towards her goal was harder for her. Nevertheless, she happily shared that, right now, she is very much inspired to do so.  

“Finally. And I looove working again! Lots of surprises coming up for you, my Sharonians! For now, please be happy that I am VERY happy! My heart is alive and jumping for joy,” she ended.  

In a past post where she shared an unedited photo of her figure, Sharon happily shared that she is now a size 10 and would only need to lose 20 more pounds to get to her goal weight.

Currently, Sharon is filming her comeback movie under Viva Films, Revirginized with Marco Gumabao as her leading man.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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