Andi Eigenmann shares most recent pic to appreciate postpartum body


Mommy of three Andi Eigenmann is taking her time to love every body type she has ever had and we’re here for it! 

On Instagram, the 30-year-old shared her only recent photo to showcase the body she’s in as of the moment.  

In the photo, she sported a tank top and bicycle shorts with a baby carrier around her waist as she cradled her baby boy Koa.  

Andi even recognized and accepted the different phases her body goes through.  

“Posting it because just because I know that my postpartum body wont stay — just as all my previous bodies: my young athlete body, my junkfood-filled lazy student body, my artista body, my pre-pregnancy body and so on!” she wrote.

The actress then shared her gratitude for all of the body types she has had and said they are still her “now” body.  

“I still love it! I am still grateful for it! And I still feel cute in it,” she ended.   

Andi gave birth to her and Philmar’s second child Koa last January. On Instagram, the happy mom thanked her fiancé for being her rock throughout her pregnancy.  

“I love love being your partner and going through this wonderful life, raising our kids with you. Glad I get to do this with you for life,” she wrote.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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