Sharon Cuneta says she’d ‘gladly exchange’ few years of her life to have late father back


Sharon Cuneta penned a very special message for her father, the late Pasay City mayor Pablo Cuneta, on his birthday.  

The veteran singer-actress said she could not sleep on the eve of her father’s birthday. She even waited until the sun was up to greet him a happy birthday.  

“I know you heard me. I really am still waiting for your hug,” she said.  

She then asked her late mother Elaine Gamboa to tell her father to visit her in her dreams often.  

“I would gladly exchange a few years of the time God has allotted for my life for the equal length of time to have you back and be with you both again… I will always love you and will NEVER forget you,” she wrote.  

Sharon, now addressing her father, wrote that her youngest child Miguel is so much like his grandfather.  

“I tell him all the time that you would’ve loved him so much and been so fond of him had you still been with us and that he is just as crazy about cars as you were! You would’ve spent hours talking about nothing but cars.”

She wished that her children had the opportunity to get to know their late grandfather.

“I know you’re proud of all my children. I always tell them about you and Mama! 

“I just wish they could’ve had time with you… they really missed out on your love. But they WILL know about you. Kiko and I will always make sure of that,” she said referring to her children.  

Sharon’s father passed away at the age of 90 back in September 2000.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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