Gladys Reyes opens up on father’s health condition


Gladys Reyes took to social media to talk about a difficult time in her life.  

The actress shared on Instagram that her father was rushed to the hospital for severe chest pain.  

“Thanks to our dear God, my father was able to recover, as if nothing happened. But the doctors confirmed, he had an attack,” she wrote. 

She said her father is still confined in the hospital, and had another bout with chest pain early in the morning. 

“I am certified Papa’s girl and what saddens me is that we are not allowed to visit him, according to the hospital rules, due to pandemic.  

“Kept telling him, his grandchildren need him, to help us, guide them. To spend more bonding moments with him. Praying for his total recovery,” she wrote.  

Gladys then expressed her gratitude for her husband, sister and cousin who were by her side when it happened.  

Her close friends in the industry such as Judy Ann Santos, Eugene Domingo and Manilyn Reynes all wished for the immediate recovery of her father.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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