Andi Eigenmann surprised but stoked to be expecting a baby boy


After having two girls, Andi Eigenmann is finally going to be a mom to a bouncing baby boy! 

The actress announced the gender of her baby with her partner, surfing champion Philmar Alipayo, in her most recent vlog where she surprised her family with the gender of their new addition to the family with cupcakes.  

In an Instagram post, Andi admitted she has always thought she was going to be a mom to girls only.  

“I always thought I’d be a girl mom, so finding out this one will be a boy felt like the first time all over again. We are stoked, nevertheless! And I am 100 (percent sure) that these girls will be wonderful big sisters to their little brother on the way,” she wrote.  

In her post, she included a photo of her daughter with former boyfriend Jake Ejercito, Ellie, and her daughter with Philmar, baby Lilo.  

She also shared that she will be giving birth to her new baby in just a month.  

“We’re having a little happy islandBOY, and in just a month’s time, we will be meeting him,” she announced.  

Andi revealed that she was expecting again back in August with a pregnancy reveal vlog on their YouTube channel, Happy Islanders.   

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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