Winwyn Marquez finishes military reservist training with flying colors


This beauty queen finished her military course at the top of her class. 

Winwyn Marquez’s long journey to become a military reservist has come to an end. She proudly shared her personal moment on social media in hopes that it will motivate and inspire women. 

The Kapuso actress opened up on the challenges their class faced in training, especially in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The Kapuso actress said the lectures, training and drills became her motivations to continue serving others.

“I am also honored to be one of the small number of women to join this training as it matches with my passion to encourage and empower our Filipiono women,” she said. 

Through her personal milestone, she said she now believes that anyone can serve just as long as they have the heart for it. 

“I am sharing this personal moment with you all hoping it can be a motivation & inspiration not only to Filipino women but to all Filipinos to not be afraid of their weaknesses and to pursue their passions in life,” she wrote. 

Winwyn was her class’ president and top student. 

She announced in February that she will be undergoing the basic citizen’s military training.

It was in February that she announced she will be undergoing the basic citizen’s military training at the Philippine Navy Naval Station.
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