Lucy Torres: ‘I am, at my core, an Ormocana girl’


Lucy Torres shared her thoughts on how the lockdown brought her love for the “provincial life” back.

The host-turned-politician said in an Instagram post that her return to Ormoc City was effortless, as if she was never away from the province for long. 

“I have been based in the big city for the most part (from the time I got married) but during this lockdown, I have melted back into the easy provincial life I once knew, like no time was lost, and as if I was never really away from it to begin with,” she wrote. 

“I am, at my core, an Ormocana girl. For always,” Lucy affirmed. 

The lawmaker has been sharing glimpses of her everyday life in her hometown.

In one post, Lucy said she discovered a new purpose for a long-time plant in their garden.

“This vine creeps randomly but beautifully in our garden. And once upon a time I thought the blue ternate, or blue butterfly pea, was purely decorative. But it has found its way into our meals —- as tea, in fresh beautiful salads, on avocado toast, too. A neighbor says he takes it nightly, a bunch of the tense flowers, steeped in warm water and it makes him sleep like a baby.”

Lucy also previously opened up on she was able to cope during the onset of the lockdown in Ormoc.

“Everyday I would find joy in wrapping a present for someone, I would write letters or notes by hand. It was my way of stepping out of myself, a tangible reminder that there was more to life (and the day) than just my feelings,” she wrote. 

Her husband of 22 years Richard Gomez is the mayor of her hometown. The city of Ormoc recently shared on their Facebook page that the province is COVID-19 free. 

In earlier reports, Richard said Ormoc has been very strict with allowing people to enter the vicinity. He disclosed that they will continue to close their borders since he believes that the infection will not stop anytime soon. 

“What is important here now, we really have to tell people to strictly follow social distancing. We cannot see our enemy, it’s a difficult kind of war this time but what will save us now really is the discipline coming from people,” he said.
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