Here’s why Heart Evangelista cleanses her ukay-ukay finds with holy water


Heart Evangelista has been missing her Fashion Week trips to Paris so she just had to mix things up with a trip to the ukay-ukay stores in Sorsogon where she has “semi-moved” to since June. She documented her shopping adventure for a video on her YouTube channel. 

The 35-year-old actress wife of Sorsogon Gov. Chiz Escudero clarified that she and her team were even more careful with the pandemic still ongoing. 

After several trips to different boutiques and ukay-ukay stores, Heart finally found pieces to mix and match with price tags ranging from P20 to P80 only.

An essential part of thrifting clothes is making sure the pieces are clean enough to wear. The Kapuso star taught her 1.9 million followers how she cleans her thrifted bags and clothes to make sure they are ready for styling. 

Her “specific ritual” starts with dry cleaning or a major laundry job for the clothes. For bags, belts and other pieces, she said she uses fabric spray to get rid of the germs. 

An unexpected essential in Heart’s cleaning process is holy water given to her by a priest from Sorsogon. She said she believes in cleansing of old belongings to get rid of “familiar spirits.”

“I do believe in cleansing old stuff — stuff that aren’t really yours because I do believe in the concept of familiar spirits. I know this is kind of scary (but) I love wearing vintage so I just have to be very careful,” she explained.

“You have to cleanse that and you just put on the outfit and pray over it and make sure that there are no familiar spirits that will carry on to your life because like sometimes they say the malas can be passed over and other stuff.

“So you have to make sure that you cleanse it, clean it and cleanse it spiritually because that’s very important for me. It’s something personal that I usually do.”

Watch her video here: 


Rossane Ramos
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