Heart Evangelista mourns loss of ‘4th angel’


Heart Evangelista opened up about the heartbreaking loss she and her husband, Senator Chiz Escudero, recently experienced.

The actress-model revealed in the caption of her recent Instagram, “A few days ago our baby boy’s heart stopped beating.”

“This will be our 4th angel and although this could be one of my biggest heartbreaks, thank you for still for trying to be with me and for making me feel so much love already,” Heart wrote.

Despite her grief, Evangelista expressed her unwavering love and readiness to welcome her unborn son whom she named, “Francisko”, into the world.

“I love you ‘francisKo.’ I shall keep my heart intact while you find your way back to us,” she penned to her child.

Heart concluded her message with words of greetings in celebration of mothers’ day, especially to those who have experienced similar heart-wrenching loss.

“To all the mothers, fur moms, mothers to friends, thank you for your heart and all the women like me going through same struggle, Happy Mother’s Day. FrancisKo, my Francis, I love you, anak.”

Accompanying her words was a photo of a letter addressed to their FrancisKo.

“I was sure to meet you soon. I had prepared a few things you may like but for some reason your beating heart lost its way to us,” the letter read, conveying both her sadness and understanding of the circumstances.

“Even if I am heart broken, I will keep my heart intact while you find your way back to us. Your beating heart has healed me in so many ways. I love you anak… I’ll be waiting for you,” she penned, signing off as “Mama Heart.”

The emotional post resonated deeply with fellow celebrities and followers, who flooded the comments section with messages of support and condolences. Many praised her courage in sharing her vulnerability and offered words of comfort during the difficult time.

Patricia Dela Roca
Patricia Dela Roca
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