LOOK: Robin and Mariel Padilla provide housing for their helpers’ families


Celebrity couple Mariel and Robin Padilla have provided housing for the families of their kasambahays.

In a recent vlog, Mariel said they are doing this to give back to their staff who have been yearning for their families back home in their respective provinces. 

The television host said their household has been very strict with quarantine guidelines since they have kids at home. She shared that no one has gone in and out of their household since the lockdown began in March. 

This is why Robin decided to take them under his wing so that they could continue to work knowing their families are safe and live closer to them as well. Their helpers’ families now stay in a Muslim community which the actor has been taking care of.   

“It is because they are also sacrificing so much for their families. It is because they have shown us loyalty. Nagpakita sila ng pagmamahal sa amin at gusto namin suklian ng pagmamahal din yung pinapakita nilang pagmamahal at mabuting serbisyo sa amin,” she explained why her husband made this move. 

In her recently uploaded video, Mariel included their helpers’ families expressing their gratitude for their loved ones’ hard work that made it possible for them to live in a safer community. 

Watch Mariel’s video here:

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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