Mariel Rodriguez draws flak for flexing IV drip in husband Robin Padilla’s senate office 


Netizens raised their eyebrows at Mariel Padilla for getting her IV drip therapy in the comfort of her husband Senator Robin Padilla’s office in the Senate.

The actress-host recently went to the Senate to support the passage of the Senate Bill 2505, a.k.a. Eddie Garcia Bill, which was approved on the third and final reading.

Since she was in a rush to get there, Mariel said she decided to have her IV drip done in her senator husband’s office.

“Drip anywhere is our motto! Hehehe I had an appointment with ______ but I was going to be late so I had it done in my husband’s office,” read Mariel’s caption in the now-deleted Instagram post.

Mariel shared snaps of herself all smiley while having her IV drip on Robin’s seat, with the Senate’s official seal seen in the background. 

This, however, didn’t sit well with netizens who called out Mariel for her “disrespectful” and “inappropriate” gesture, saying she could have thought twice and not broadcasted her IV drip session at a government office on social media. 

“With all due respect, this should not be a flex. Please don’t use an official seat of office of the government and of the people for personal purposes,” wrote a netizen. 

One also commented, “Very inappropriate. Only in the Philippines!”

Another said, “I can’t believe this… how disrespectful.” 

Mariel has since taken down the Instagram post in question following the string of criticisms in the comments section. 

Lyka Nicart
Lyka Nicart
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