Mariel Padilla defends controversial IV drip session at husband Robin Padilla’s Senate office: ‘It is for health reasons’


Mariel Padilla defended herself against online criticism after her controversial IV drip session became a trending topic on social media.

Netizens scrutinized Mariel for her IV drip session, which took place at her husband, Senator Robin Padilla’s Senate office. Many questioned the choice of an “inappropriate” place as the location for such a procedure.

In response to the backlash, Mariel addressed the issue during a live-selling session on TikTok, together with Grace Lee, on Friday. A clip was uploaded by reporter Gretchen Fullido on TikTok.

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Mariel began by explaining the context of the session, stating that she was at the Senate to support the Eddie Garcia Bill.

“I was there kasi I was supporting the Eddie Garcia Bill. Two Mondays na akong nandun, nung second reading and third reading, for the Eddie Garcia Bill.”

She emphasized her pride in her husband’s efforts in pushing for the bill, which had recently received unanimous approval from senators, according to Philippine Star’s report.

“Alam niyo pinaghirapan talaga ng asawa ko yung bill na yan kaya proud na proud ako sa asawa ko dahil talagang inilakad at talagang trinabaho [niya] ‘yung Eddie Garcia Bill,” Mariel praised the senator.

“So, super happy because it was a unanimous decision sa mga senators at sabi ni Senator Imee, matagal na raw na panahon na walang unanimous decision, na lahat sila nag-vote ng yes. So, it was such a win,” she added, referring to Robin’s fellow senator, Imee Marcos.

According to Mariel, after the late-night procedure, which concluded around 8 p.m., she had an appointment for her weekly IV drip vitamin service, a part of her regular health routine.

“Bakit ko ‘yan ginagawa? It is for health reasons. Kailangan po naglalagay tayo ng bitamina sa ating katawan. At ‘yung bitamina na yan, I don’t get sick, alam mo ‘yun ang lakas-lakas ng resistensiya ko, ang galing-galing,” she explained.

“And you know, these people, pinag-aaralan nila yung nilagagay nila sa katawan ko.They are professionals. Hindi lang yung basta-basta kung ano lang. They’re really professionals and I love them so much,” the celebrity expressed her regards for the people providing the service.

She further clarified that she did not see anything wrong with what she did, saying, “To tell you the truth, hindi ko po nakikita na kahit kaunti may mali dun sa ginawa ko, masama yung ginawa ko.”

Mariel reiterated that the IV drip was for “health reasons”, pointing out its difference from illegally-taken drugs.

“Dahil one, bitamina yung nilalagay ko sa katawan ko, for health reasons yun. Hindi naman po ako nagda-drugs, na naghi-heroin ako dun. Buti kung naghi-heroin ako dun, di ba? Hindi naman po,” she stressed.

“Wala naman po akong ginawa dun sa Senate seal. Hindi ko naman flinash yung bitamina dun sa Senate seal. Wala naman akong ginawang ganun.

“Umupo lang ako dun at saka nagpabitamina sa katawan. So, hindi ko maintindihan bakit parang may mga nag-react,” Mariel reacted to the public’s reactions.

Despite her confusion, Mariel decided to take down the original post in respect of those who may have been offended.

“So dahil may mga nag-react, kaya ko po tinake down ‘yung post ko. In respect dun sa mga na-offend o kung anuman, tinanggal ko po. Kaya ko ‘yun tinanggal.”

Mariel concluded her explanation by apologizing if anyone was offended by her actions, stating that she was merely prioritizing her health after office hours and waiting for her husband to finish work.

“So, kung sa tingin ninyo mali, o masama, o na-offend kayo dun sa ginawa ko, sorry po,” she expressed her apology.

“Pero ako, naglagay lang ako ng bitamina sa katawan. And it was 9 o’clock ng gabi, nung ginawa ko yun, after office hours po. Pero dahil yung asawa ko ay asawa ko, nakikipag-usap sa COS niya, sa chief-of-staff niya si Atty. Hurado, so hinihintay ko siya na matapos,” Mariel recalled.

She further clarified that the session did not use any electricity from the Senate office, saying, “Dahil asawa nga po ako, dun ako sa office niya na wala naman po akong inabala, ni hindi po kami nakisaksak o gumamit ng electricity ng Senado.”

Previously, Sen. Padilla also came to the defense against his wife’s controversy surrounding the said post.

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