WATCH: Lara Quigaman, Marco Alcaraz reveal gender of their third baby


Is it a boy or a girl?

Late April, celebrity couple Lara Quigaman and Marco Alcaraz happily announced that they will be welcoming a third baby in September. 

They made the announcement on their family YouTube channel last April 30.

Lara Quigaman is pregnant with her third baby!

“Alam po namin na ang daming di magandang pangyayari sa paligid natin pero this is something talaga na we’re truly grateful for and alam mo yung kahit anong mangyari, we can always find something to thank God for,” she said in the video. 

In their most recent video uploaded today, the happy couple highlighted their mini gender reveal party at home with their kids and house helpers. 

They also asked their friends from all over the world to guess if the new addition to their family is gonna be a boy or a girl. 

While their eldest son Noah wished for a girl since there are two sons in their family already, their youngest Tobin wished for another boy. 

The former beauty queen announced that they are having another baby boy!

When asked by her husband if she’s sad that it’s another boy, Lara said she’s really happy and that she has been searching for baby boy names recently. 

“One more,” Lara joked that they would try again for a baby girl. 

Now addressing the audience, Lara asked that they don’t call their next baby “sayang.”

“Pangungunahan ko na kayo na sana wag niyong sabihin na sayang ang aming baby number 3 kasi hindi sayang ang baby namin kahit na hindi siya girl, kahit boy siya. We are very happy that this is a baby boy and I’m so excited,” she said. 

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