LOOK: Bettinna Carlos is engaged to non-showbiz boyfriend

Less than two months after revealing that she now has a special someone in her life, actress-host Bettinna Carlos is now engaged.

On Wednesday, the 32-year-old shared an Instagram picture of herself with non-showbiz boyfriend Mikki Eduardo and daughter Gummy holding her left hand that wore an engagement ring. Bettinna captioned her post with family, heart and praying hands emojis.

Mikki, on the other hand, posted a close-up shot of the diamond engagement ring. Both posts were flooded with congratulations from followers and celebrity friends.

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Daughter Gummy also sweetly posted about it, saying: “My mommy is (engaged) woohooo!”

Last August, Bettinna, who has written about her struggles as a solo parent in her book titled Heartbreaks & Breakthroughs, introduced Mikki as her “answered prayer”.

She wrote how for years, she prayed for a man “who is already who he should be.”

“Yung okay na. Ayos na. ‘Wala na kong babaguhin.’

“LORD pwede po ba KUNG MAAARI LANG NAMAN LORD yung ibibigay Mo po ung natrain mo na? πŸ™ Yung di ko na po kailangang turuan paano mamahalin at pakikisamahan ang anak ko???

“And God gave us you, @mikki.e.eduardo .❀”

She shared how impressed she was at how he treats her daughter, saying that Mikki was ready to be a father even before they met.

“I didn’t have to wait for you to love G because from Day 0 you have already decided. Or teach you how to get along with a child because you are a child at heart,” she said.

“And neither did I have to wonder if you know what you’re getting yourself into and if you’re ready to be a Dad because God Himself already prepared you for that role and placed that desire in your heart…before we even met.

“Ahhhhhhh truly, every good and perfect gift is from above. And when the Lord blesses, He adds no sorrow to it.

“You are perfect FOR US, my Love. You are my answered prayer. A blessing from the Lord. I thank God for you everytime I remember you.

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Mikki and I like to talk.❀ Mikki likes to talk. And Mikki loves to listen too. We could talk for hours about anything and everything…😊 God blessed me with a man who has the gift of listening. I remember praying for this when a friend of mine told me how her husband is so patient and loving to sit down with her and endure 5hrs just listening to her thoughts feelings and hurts… like childhood hurts. "I want a man like that too, God" I clearly remember saying out loud. A true softee, emphatic man.❀ And @mikki.e.eduardo is just that. ( so much like my Dad actually!😊) He could listen for hours. Just listen and I guess help himself understand why I am how I am (with my topaks and saltiks and all 😁) Im so thankful that our top love languages are the same too. Time words touch. Time together. Just talking and being. Over kape. And when words are difficult to hear, there's touch to help absorb the impact. Pisil pisil kamay pag mahirap sabihin hehehe We have only known each other a short while but our conversations have been on topics maybe a lot of long-time couples have not even discussed yet or struggle to open-childhood hurts, insecurities, fears, tendencies, coping mechanisms/escape etc (So we feel weve known each other for sooo long!) Something Ive always admired in Mik from day 1 is how he'd be so bold to lead us to discuss such topics. (Naaaaks. So wise and mature naman this man!) 😍😍😍 Eeeee kilig me hahaha Thanks love for being such a patient and understanding listener and a gentle and kind responder. Its easy to open up to you. Thank you for being all ears when Im speaking. For being genuinely interested in my thoughts. For being available when I wanna say something. For making my feelings important to you too.❀ I pray to be just as good a listener as you are and as careful with my words.😁 I pray every woman will really be bestfriends with their partners.❀ (Pray for this ladies!!! God hears and heeds!πŸ™) #BeKki

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