WATCH: Rayver Cruz, Julie Anne San Jose do kilig duet of Honne’s Location Unknown 


Rayver Cruz and Julie Anne San Jose are back at it again with kilig overload! 

The rumored couple recently shared their very own cover of English duo Honne’s Location Unknown. 

In the two-minute clip, the singer-actress played the piano as they harmonized with each other.  

After singing, the two smiled at the camera and shared a brief hug.  

Under their posts, even celebs couldn’t help but note how cute the two Kapuso artists are together.  

“Too cute Ray! Both very talented!” actress Sunshine Cruz wrote.  

The duo continues to fuel dating rumors as they share their cutest interactions online – from their dance to song covers.  


Rayver Cruz, Julie Anne San Jose’s cute interaction sends fans into kilig frenzy 

Rayver Cruz, Julie Anne San Jose fuel dating rumors with TikTok videos together 

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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