‘I am at my happiest, most secured self’: Dimples Romana on her pregnancy journey 


Dimples Romana is definitely enjoying every step in her pregnancy journey! 

The actress couldn’t help but gush over how her soon-to-be third baby has given her a brand new take on life.  

It seems the 37-year-old has already decided on the name of her and her husband Boyet Ahmee’s third child. In an Instagram post, she referred to her baby as “Elio”.  

“Baby Elio has somehow given me unbelievable courage and a brand new take on life. I feel like this time in my life, it’s like I’m wearing fresh new eyes,” she said.  

In her maternity shoot, Dimples sported a brown body suit, featuring her baby bump.  

The soon-to-be mom of three continued to share that she is living and learning, and has found her life’s purpose.  

“I have a family, I’m in school, I’m about to give birth in about three months, I make calls to to make sure my college student daughter is alright, I run after and around the most active 7 year old son, I have a career that make me do what I love most, I am in the middle of building our own tiny business world, I am surrounded by so much love, I am living – and LEARNING,” she wrote.  

It was just this week when the celebrity mom announced that their family of four’s newest member will be a boy.  

Rossane Ramos
Rossane Ramos
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